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Salsa Band Instruments Los Angeles, CA

Ovation apart from other live band firms, what is Grupo Musical Versailles Los Angeles  is its commitment to giving its customers what they want. Just nobody wants to dance or listen to music like they are not right? Therefore, as a professional, we consult closely with our clients to know their likes and dislikes and the kind of songs and music they like, it helps us to come up with a better arrangement tailor for you. helps. We will learn new songs for you too. Our bands will set a vibrant list from disco, pop, rock, bachata, punta salsa, cumbia, Latin soft rock  and more, which will keep your guests jamming on the dance floor. In addition to offering live music and entertainment, we, at Music Versatile en Los Angeles, specialize in mood lighting, which can set the venue off with vivid colors. Without any further delay, contact us for your next event or upcoming wedding. We look forward to finding out what kind of music you will like at your event or wedding and will make the day or night completely spectacular and memorable. And we are provide to you intelligent moving head lights and LED stage lighting are available, thus creating an enhanced stage light panorama. Need further Decorative levitation and monogram projection are among the additional upgrades that can be added to your package and can help optimize your reception.Typical instruments used in salsa are the percussion section, tenor and alto saxophones, trumpet section, baritone, trombone section, piano, and an electric or upright bass. The percussion section may contain any of the following instruments – bongos, cymbals, conga drums, claves, cowbells, cascaras and timbles. All of these percussion instruments salsa give it awesome Latin vibe and intricate beat.The Salsa band can perform an extensive collection of songs. They often include a song-like section at the beginning, then a montuno break with vocal calls and feedback. These songs also include instrumental breaks and jazzy solos in many cases.All of these elements are necessary to form the perfect salsa band. When all these pieces are melted together, a spicy, warm sound is made. This sound is perfect for any event or wedding as it imparts a festive feeling and people cannot help but dance when they hear it.If you wish to book live entertainment or DJ services for your next event, please call (562) 896-6958 in our office.

Live Bands for Weddings Party is a versatile band that covers a wide variety of authentic Caribbean

Divine Group Musical is a versatile band that covers a wide variety of authentic Caribbean, latin, and american music with a wide variety of genres including cumbia, salsa, merengue, bachata, quebradita, chachacha, rumba, samba, bossanova, souls, romanticas, reggae, calypso, soca, steel drums music, disney theme music, ska, ballads, oldies, r&b, disco, funk, punta, reggaeton, dancehall, and much more. Our band member’s origins enhances our caribbean and latin sounds; origins includes Jamaica, Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Guatemala, etc. Every performance is designed to our client’s musical preferences. Our band consist of 3 to 8 musicians depending on clients request. Instruments used on performances includes bass, guitar, live drum set, keyboards, mpc, sampler, percussion, African drums, steel drums, horn section, and vocals. The band can be minimize or maximize to always fit the clients request and budget. Our sound system can minimize to a small pa for 50 people and maximize to a concert size sound systems.We specialize in weddings, concerts, birthdays, quinceañeras, anniversaries, banquets, corporate, tours, etc. With over 20 years of experience performing for many organizations, many cities like Miami, Houston, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, to multiple countries including Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, top venues like Los Angeles Sport Arena, Hollywood Park Casino, Angel’s Stadium, Queen Mary, and much more.

Your Salsa search stops here! This group of accomplished musicians plays traditional and more modern cuban music as well as Flamenco and popular Spanish music Hot n Spicy, Instrumental, Vocal, Dance or background music, Divine Group Musical will create the atmosphere based on your particular event needs. The group can be as small as a duo, or a full on 10 piece band. Whatever ensemble is right for your event, the group will bring an unforgettable energy and performance. Divine Group Musical has one ingredient that no other Latin band has…renown vocalist, Lazaro Galarraga! Truly a rhythmic and Vocal genius, Maestro Galarraga has recorded countless award winning records, “The Master Sessions Volume I.” The Maestro has performed all over the world with Cuba’s Top Musicians and now is frontman of this eclectic and enthusiastic Los Angeles based band. Divine Group Musical is available for: weddings, corporate events, cocktail parties or whatever your special event may be. HIRE THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!

For Weddings Consider hiring Divine Group Musical to take care of all of your musical needs….

Guitarist/Vocalist, Divine Group Musical Knight is an accomplished classical guitarist who has toured extensively throughout the US, Central America, Mexico and Europe. He has played countless wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours and receptions and epitomizes the flexibility required to be a wedding guitarist. Jon-O is also in demand for his

Divine Group Musical specializes in PMJ (post modern Jukebox

My name is Juan Garcia, and I specialize in a variety of Latin music styles. For the past 25 years, I have worked for prestige entertainment agencies in Los Angeles as a flautist, arranger, and singer in the Latin genre. My repertoire includes Spanish Rock, Latin Pop, Boleros, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbias, Reggaeton, Latin Jazz, and traditional Cuban music.

I have performed with the following notable artists: Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Oscar de León, Talía, Álvaro Torres, Luis Henrique, Dr. Dre and many more. I have sung at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, for the Kennedy family, Sidney Poitier, Glodean White, Cuban festivals, Puerto Rican festivals, and the Long Beach Festival. I have also performed at international festivals with my Latin Jazz project in Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil, at the Montana Flat Head festival and many more.

My clients are always satisfied with the professionalism that I direct their events. My music is so contagious that the audience immediately gets up to dance. I can easily engage the guests to have a great time while they dance. I offer Latin music entertainment with a variety of popular music selections of the past and present that you and your guests will enjoy.

As a professional specialist in Latin music; I guarantee that your event entertainment will be in good experienced hands. Look no further for all your Latin music event needs. I offer you reasonable prices, punctuality, a high quality professional audio sound, well dressed musicians, and excellent musical performance.

Divine Group Musical specializes in PMJ (post modern Jukebox) versions of current songs, hits from the 1920s to 1960, music from LA LA Land and Jazz from all eras. We are high end prestigious musical act.

Divine Group Musical has performed in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Paris, Budapest & many other exotic locations! We can deliver with as few as 3 musicians, to as many as 20 for our big band/orchestra sound. We perform our own arrangements of the best of retro swing and lounge music, with a specialty on the 1920’s jazz era. The band consists of the finest touring and studio musicians in Los Angeles with impressive resumes. Divine Group Musical recently released a digital double album found exclusively on itunes called Divine Group Musical Hot Jazz. Also, check out our CD “The Venture Capital Follies of 1929” on itunes and CDBaby.

Divine Group Musical has performed on the hit HBO shows “Entourage” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Has music in TV Shows Chicago PD, Nashville, and Dancing with the Stars

Divine Group Musical-Top 10 Best Bands for Hire-…mmm, good music!

Grand Latin band is one of the Top 10 Best Bands for Hire–So hottest show band filled with some of LA’s top musicians and singers–is here to bring you all the music, from the classic sounds of the 60’s to today’s current top hits. Divine Group Musical’ front line features platinum recording artist Juan Garcia, singer/songwriter from the Divine group “Top 10 Best Bands for Hire” and cast member from the hit musical “versatile Divine” This is a dynamite group of singers backed by divine entertainment musicians.

Divine Group Musical is a superior live band and our line up can range from 6 to 12 performers (we can provide a horn section and dancers if needed). Our group performs a wide variety of styles, including R&B, Top 40, Rock, Hip Hop, Oldies, Jazz, Standards, Disco, Funk, Soul, Pop, and more! We are also able to perform special requests for your event. Divine Group Musical will give you and your guest and excellent time to remember!

Since the young age of 15 vocalist Juan Garcia, has treated audiences across America and around the world to his own unique style of Salsa. His band Grand Latin Band, which is comprised of musicians from around the world features on vocals and is one of the hottest salsa bands performing on the West Coast music scene. Grand Latin Band will delight audiences with an exciting blend of Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha’s, Merengues, Cumbias, Mambo, Latin Jazz and other styles from the Caribbean and beyond. Do not hesitate to book Divine Group Musical for your next special event. The band is available for local, national and international performances.

THE BAND HAS BEEN FEATURED AS- Top 10 Best Bands for Hire
“DANCING WITH THE STARS” – Grand Latin Band did a segment with many celebrities (they loved the band). WE’VE ALSO

NOTE: Juan Garcia has performed and traveled throughout the United States (from coast to coast), also in such places as: Italy, England (UK), Africa, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada and many other locations.

Never losing touch with Local Latin Band For Hire the intentions of the original tune

Grand Latin Band presents a unique, innovative, and global jazz repertoire as a duet, trio, or rhythm section, led by Local Latin band For Hire singer Grand Latin Band team. All songs of the Local Latin band For Hire & Grand Latin Band are fascinating, salsa, and rock – a blend of Pop and Latin jazz in English, powered by creative and addictive melodies. The group always includes an eclectic mix of some of L.A.’s top Local latin band For Hire jazz players, and their musical performances reflect a rich atmosphere of different cultures, which is enjoyed by both jazz fans and those who have never considered themselves jazz fans!

The beautiful Latin Band song-book is performed by the Grand Latin Band, which includes several pieces by American composer Juan Garcia, as well as popular LA in English. Soft romances to high-octane Dance Forms and global jazz tracks are all part of their repertoire. They bring out the colors of these previously classical compositions from the 1940s and 1960s by arranging them in a modern Latin-jazz style, whether as a duet or a group.

Their creative remixes of standards like ‘HO HO’ or ‘Grupo Versatil | El Sinaloense’ never lose touch with the original tune’s themes.

Local Latin band For Hire

Grand Latin Band’s instrument international beats have gained a loyal following in the last few years. Their musical tunes are influenced by Juan (Los Angeles-style romantic music, a separate genre) and good ol’ late 1990s haze, with a dash of early Los Angels samba tossed in for good measure. Put these guys in the same category as other great American Latin alternative bands like Los Angeles and Juan Garcia when it comes to soon-to-be classics. To put it another way, this is legendary music that will most likely be blasting out of limited Local Latin band For Hire listeners in a decade or so.