Grand Latin Band presents a unique, innovative, and global jazz repertoire as a duet, trio, or rhythm section, led by Local Latin band For Hire singer Grand Latin Band team. All songs of the Local Latin band For Hire & Grand Latin Band are fascinating, salsa, and rock – a blend of Pop and Latin jazz in English, powered by creative and addictive melodies. The group always includes an eclectic mix of some of L.A.’s top Local latin band For Hire jazz players, and their musical performances reflect a rich atmosphere of different cultures, which is enjoyed by both jazz fans and those who have never considered themselves jazz fans!

The beautiful Latin Band song-book is performed by the Grand Latin Band, which includes several pieces by American composer Juan Garcia, as well as popular LA in English. Soft romances to high-octane Dance Forms and global jazz tracks are all part of their repertoire. They bring out the colors of these previously classical compositions from the 1940s and 1960s by arranging them in a modern Latin-jazz style, whether as a duet or a group.

Their creative remixes of standards like ‘HO HO’ or ‘Grupo Versatil | El Sinaloense’ never lose touch with the original tune’s themes.

Local Latin band For Hire

Grand Latin Band’s instrument international beats have gained a loyal following in the last few years. Their musical tunes are influenced by Juan (Los Angeles-style romantic music, a separate genre) and good ol’ late 1990s haze, with a dash of early Los Angels samba tossed in for good measure. Put these guys in the same category as other great American Latin alternative bands like Los Angeles and Juan Garcia when it comes to soon-to-be classics. To put it another way, this is legendary music that will most likely be blasting out of limited Local Latin band For Hire listeners in a decade or so.