Ovation apart from other live band firms, what is Grupo Musical Versailles Los Angeles  is its commitment to giving its customers what they want. Just nobody wants to dance or listen to music like they are not right? Therefore, as a professional, we consult closely with our clients to know their likes and dislikes and the kind of songs and music they like, it helps us to come up with a better arrangement tailor for you. helps. We will learn new songs for you too. Our bands will set a vibrant list from disco, pop, rock, bachata, punta salsa, cumbia, Latin soft rock  and more, which will keep your guests jamming on the dance floor. In addition to offering live music and entertainment, we, at Music Versatile en Los Angeles, specialize in mood lighting, which can set the venue off with vivid colors. Without any further delay, contact us for your next event or upcoming wedding. We look forward to finding out what kind of music you will like at your event or wedding and will make the day or night completely spectacular and memorable. And we are provide to you intelligent moving head lights and LED stage lighting are available, thus creating an enhanced stage light panorama. Need further Decorative levitation and monogram projection are among the additional upgrades that can be added to your package and can help optimize your reception.Typical instruments used in salsa are the percussion section, tenor and alto saxophones, trumpet section, baritone, trombone section, piano, and an electric or upright bass. The percussion section may contain any of the following instruments – bongos, cymbals, conga drums, claves, cowbells, cascaras and timbles. All of these percussion instruments salsa give it awesome Latin vibe and intricate beat.The Salsa band can perform an extensive collection of songs. They often include a song-like section at the beginning, then a montuno break with vocal calls and feedback. These songs also include instrumental breaks and jazzy solos in many cases.All of these elements are necessary to form the perfect salsa band. When all these pieces are melted together, a spicy, warm sound is made. This sound is perfect for any event or wedding as it imparts a festive feeling and people cannot help but dance when they hear it.If you wish to book live entertainment or DJ services for your next event, please call (562) 896-6958 in our office.